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Many beekeepers are very enthusiastic that the bee ball only has to be opened and you get a good insight into the bee colony and see how it is doing.

Even children are quickly fascinated by bees thanks to the bee ball

Vorteile der Bienenkugel

Problems of conventional beekeeping (magazine hive)

Benefits of the bee ball (Bienenkugel®)


Temperature & energy balance:

- Cold in the corners

- High heating requirements (especially in winter)

- therefore lower honey yield (because bees use honey for heating)


Varroa :

- Lack of warmth and high humidity promote varroa infestation

- also increased risk of floating in the corners of the magazine hives


Bee life:

- not appropriate to the species

- "stressful" (because of high heating expenditure) -> promotes aggressiveness of the bees

- high day / night temperature fluctuations


Many more problems:

- more complex to learn (for beginner beekeepers )

- Swarm control is very complex and difficult

- little insight into the bee colony and much more


Temperature & energy balance:

- no corners -> even heat distribution

- less heating expenditure for bees (especially in winter)

- less risk of mold


Varroa & mold:

- significantly lower probability

- due to the natural round shape & temperature efficiency


Good for the bees:

- species-appropriate beekeeping

- less heating -> more time for other tasks & less "stress"

- low climatic influence in winter & summer


Many other advantages:

- more honey yield

- less time required

- suitable for beginners, professionals, farmers & every interested beekeeper

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Do you want to take a close look at the benefits of the bee ball?

Then check out our comparison of the different  

Types of beekeeping in the following PDF:

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If you want to learn more about the background of beekeeping and how the bee ball came about, you shouldn't miss the book by Andreas Heidinger:

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