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Imker Waage Mobiles Wagensystem Bienenha

New weighing system

Changes in weight in the beehive can be determined quickly and accurately

simple lever technology

Suitable for all prey systems

Why do I need scales for my bee colonies

Weighing the hive can reduce interference with the colony. The beekeeper saves time and the bee colony is not disturbed as often.

When weighing a colony, the beekeeper can find out how much honey / feed the bees have in the hive. If, for example, the costume was very bad, this method can be used to quickly decide whether it may have to be fed and how much.

Regular weighing allows beginners to be a beekeeper to quickly get a feel for their bee colonies.

Why a new weighing system

With our newly developed trolley system, the weight of the prey can be quickly determined through simple lever technology and easy readability of the spring scales. The prey no longer has to be lifted with your own physical strength. This is easy on the back and women have fun weighing their bee colonies again. Only one lever has to be moved briefly. This locks into place and so the weight can be read off the spring balance in peace. Since the same technology is used for each weighing, changes in weight in the beehive can be precisely recorded. The bee colony hardly notices the process and is not disturbed.

  • suitable for all boot systems (including magazine boot)

  • a set of scales for an unlimited number of bee colonies

  • Spring scale (without battery or electricity)

  • simple lever technology with very little effort

  • quick weight determination

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